Testimonials for the Spanish Consulate

Although I'm not a Spanish "sworn translator", I have had many clients applying to the Spanish consulate in San Francisco, and nobody has ever had a problem using my translations without notarization. See testimonials below. My understanding is that if you're applying to a government agency in Spain, then you do need a sworn translator or apostille on my translator certification... but not for the consulate here in San Francisco.

Curtis Draves translated all of the documents required by the Spanish Consulate for my family of four. The turnaround was quick, price reasonable and accepted (without question) by the official we worked with in San Francisco.
— Signy J.
This is to confirm that your translations were accepted by the Spanish Consulate. Despite many pages of translated information, there were no questions or problems. Also, we were not charged any extra fees.
— Gerry M.
Curtis completed some translations for me as part of my application for a non-lucrative visa with the Spanish Consulate in San Francisco. The translations were accepted and I did not have to pay an extra fee for them at the consulate. Curtis was incredibly professional and fast, completing the translations in just a day or two.
— Courtney M.
Curtis helped me by translating and notarizing some documents for my Spanish visa application, which the Spanish Consulate accepted without any issue.
— Anna K.
We did not have any troubles. They accepted our translations! You did a great job.
— Sandy Z.
Curtis translated the documents that we submitted to Spanish Consulate in San Francisco. It was very efficient and professional. The consulate accepted the translation without questioning and we received the visas that we needed. Curtis’s fee was very reasonable and we didn’t have to pay any extra fees to the consulate. We would highly recommend his services. Thank you Curtis.
— Andy & Romy S.
I want to thank you for the excellent translations you did for me, in record time! The translations were all accepted, of course, with no extra fee—and I got the visa I needed.
— Dennis H.
Working with Curtis was easy and his work was completely accepted by the consulate without any issues. We were not charged extra fees for the translations.
— Liza R.
Curtis did a great job translating documents for our Spanish visa application. He also helped us understand the visa requirements based on his past experience. The Spanish consulate’s web site had some confusing information about translation services, but Curtis’ translations were accepted without hesitation and without any additional fees.
— David D.
Curtis was fast, friendly and efficient at translating our documents for Retiree Visas for Spain. His translations were accepted by the Spanish Consulate in San Francisco without question. I would highly recommend using his services.
— Sherman L., Talent, OR