What clients are saying about my translation services.

Impeccable translation, very professional and reliable. Will highly recommend to anyone in need of translation work to be done.
— Juan Pablo, International Human Rights Consultant
I am pleased with how quick and easy it was to work with Curtis. He was very helpful and approachable. I would definitely use his services again.
— María del Mar, Student
Being in the service business myself I appreciate working with people who provide a high level of customer service. Curtis was professional, reliable and extremely helpful.
— Stacey Cooper, Senior Escrow Officer, First American Title Company
I have specialized in civil litigation in California and federal courts for over 27 years. After several unsuccessful attempts to locate a certified Spanish translator for some lengthy ‘technical’ documents pertaining to service of process on a defendant in Mexico, I was fortunate to locate Curtis Draves. He provided the needed translation, including a number of official seals, in a timely and professional manner at a reasonable cost. I will definitely call Curtis again in the future and highly recommend him to anyone who requires translations of legal documents.
— Randall Wiens, Esq.
Curtis, thanks for your hard work and getting it to us in a timely manner. Your pricing is reasonable with expedient service!
— Emil, Real Estate and Mortgage Broker
Curtis Draves provides exceptionally quick and accurate translation services. In the legal profession, it is essential to be able to rely on professional translation services. We could not do our job without the help of people like Curtis. Beyond the services he provides, Curtis is extremely professional, helpful, and a delight to work with.
— Leah Chen Price, Esq.
Curtis was an invaluable part of preparing documents for a Spanish visa request. Documents that needed to be translated came in slowly from various state offices, but Curtis remained calm. He understood the process and delivered a host of translations. I was prepared for my visa appointment…thanks to Curtis.
— Tom D.
Easy and efficient, exactly what you need when dealing with the red tape of immigration processes. Very professional and accommodating, Curtis Draves is a breeze to work with. Quick turnaround, fair prices and paperless transactions made this the easiest translation I have ever had to do (and I do many as a dual citizen with 3 foreign citizen family members).
— Cameron C.
Curtis did a fantastic job for me translating an official document from Spanish into English. He always got back to me quickly. Also, his fee is very reasonable. Great service overall!
— German V.
Very recommended. Curtis was very helpful since the beginning and provided me with a very accurate translation in no time at a fair price. It is very easy and simple to work with him and he has a great sense of customer service.
— Alexis A.
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See more reviews

I just wanted to say thanks again for the extraordinary service. We really had our back against the wall with our South American business cert. submission. Your willingness to go the extra mile for us on ridiculously short notice saved the day – we could have lost a huge contract. It was a pleasure working with a translator who listened, got it, communicated well, and came through with the work product. I’ll not soon forget the Sunday evening madness getting it all together. Your work was excellent and your fees reasonable. You could easily have taken advantage of our desperate situation, but did not. You are our go-to person for all Spanish language needs going forward.
— Darlene Bell
As an international medical graduate I have required Curtis’ translation services quite a few times. He is very professional and helpful. My documents were accurate translated and delivered on time. Curtis is a reliable person and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
— Javier Hernandez, M.D.
Curtis was easy to work with, professional and timely, but most of all I appreciated his attention to detail – capturing every word, careful not to lose meaning or context. He’s open to sharing his work before finalizing which I’m not sure if every certified translator does. He was quick to meet my deadline and hand delivered the translated documents, enabling me to get them where I needed quickly. I would recommend him for any Spanish translation.
— Angela R.